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October 29, 2009

Lets talk about Me!

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Question: Have you ever been driving home after work and have a random thought about your day and then have an outburst of laughter? I do this on a regular basis. Mainly, because I am the energetic one in the office, the one they call “vibrant” whatever that means and I constantly leave the office saying to myself, “why did I tell my coworkers that story?”

I think this may have to do with my morning cups of coffee. I can’t start my day without at least 2 cups! When a new hire comes to me during the 8:00 hour they are most likely not going to get hired mainly because I don’t like you if you bothered me this early! I wish I could put a sign on my desk that reads: Do Not Bother Me Until 11, Hormonal and will SNAP!

The coffee, however, does help! In fact, it gives me so much energy that I end up telling my coworkers all about my life including, but not limited to, my family, friends, and problems. This ends up leaving me with thoughts of guilt as I leave work…did I say too much?

Needless to say, if I didn’t tell them stories and keep them guessing about my life outside of work, life in the office would be so boring. That is probably a little vain on my part. I’ll just think what I want: “I am the most interesting one of all in the office” lol. Maybe I just say what they wanted to say, but they didn’t have the balls? Yeah I like that thought better.

Once I pull into my driveway I always let out a sigh of relief. Just exhausted from all that talking, typing, and oh yeah working! Lucky for my significant other my caffeine intake has finally hit me. He doesn’t have to listen to my rough day in the office! ha He gets the sweet side of me…lying on the couch while he rubs my head (that barely happens anymore unless I beg!). He would disagree about the sweet side too, but this is my blog and I will say what I want!



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  1. Love the welcome letter! Keep up the good work!

    Comment by hrblondes — October 29, 2009 @ 6:44 pm | Reply

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